A Quick Guide to Cellulite

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Cellulite has become Enemy Number One in the eyes of most women, and it’s not hard to understand why. This cosmetic condition affects 9 in 10 women regardless of weight and physical fitness. Despite its prevalence, not many people understand exactly why cellulite forms, or how it can be eliminated. Here is your quick guide […]

Learn the Difference Between Acne and Rosacea

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Acne! Just the word probably makes you cringe. It’s every 16-year-old’s nightmare, but more and more adults are still suffering from this painful and embarrassing dermatological condition. If you’ve tried countless products and treatments for your acne without success, you could possibly be misinterpreting your problem. This is why it’s important to speak with a […]

Truckers Need Sleep Apnea Care

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Obstructive sleep apnea, the disorder in which breathing pauses many times in a night’s sleep, had particularly large impacts on truck drivers. It’s well known that sleep apnea causes severe daytime drowsiness as a result of very poor sleep quality, and that’s a hard enough side effect to deal with when working in a building […]