Is Optifast Right For Your Weight Loss Goals?

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If you are struggling to lose a significant amount of weight, you may feel like the task is nothing short of impossible. Weight loss is rarely easy, and being overexposed to countless different weight loss “miracles” on TV and the Internet doesn’t make it any easier. It’s possible that the Tampa Optifast program is your best opportunity to lose weight, adopt a healthier lifestyle, and embrace a new you.

Optifast Is a Medically Supervised Program

The Optifast program distinguished itself from other ideas on the market because it is a legitimate and time tested medically supervised weight management program. This means that you work directly with a qualified doctor to monitor and assess not just your numbers on the scale, but also the many different facets of your life, such as your lifestyle choices and your emotional well being, that play a part in weight loss.

A Three Part Structure

Optifast is specifically structured into three sections to help you lose weight and keep that weight off long-term. The first phase, known as the “Active Weight Loss Phase” is a 12-week section in which you utilize Optifast full meal replacements instead of selecting your own food. At the same time, you receive medical monitoring on a weekly basis from your doctor, attend weekly group sessions with a behaviorist, and work with a registered dietitian and/or exercise specialist. The meal replacements in part one provide your body with excellent nutrition that you might have been previously lacking, and they also help control your calorie intake and guide your body to feel satisfied with less.

After 12 weeks of active weight loss tampa, you will be ready for the six week “Transition Phase,” during which time your doctor and team of specialists will help you bring regular foods back into your diet in order to support, not compromise, your weight loss efforts. If you can do that successfully for six weeks, you move into the “Long-Term Weight Management Phase” to continue your weight management with the help of partial Optifast meal replacements.

Is It For You?
If you are determined to make a major change to your body and your overall well being, Optifast can make it happen. It’s the best program for you if you’re ready to commit and you look forward to the opportunity to improve yourself from the inside out.

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