A Quick Guide to Cellulite

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Cellulite has become Enemy Number One in the eyes of most women, and it’s not hard to understand why. This cosmetic condition affects 9 in 10 women regardless of weight and physical fitness. Despite its prevalence, not many people understand exactly why cellulite forms, or how it can be eliminated. Here is your quick guide to understanding such a hated aesthetic issue from Tampa weight loss clinic and spa Hermann Wellness.

what causes celluliteWorse For Women
Women and men certainly have differences, and the propensity for cellulite is one of them. Since women carry more fat in their thighs and hips, but have less supportive connective tissue available to maintain the placement of fat, cellulite can occur more easily. As women get older and form less estrogen, circulation suffers, new collagen forms less frequently, and the breakdown of connective tissue becomes even more prevalent as it creates more cellulite. The fact is, some women are simply predisposed to getting cellulite, even Victoria’s Secret models who eat well and workout every day.

The Best Cellulite Solutions
Though cellulite still has no permanent solution, there are many ways to treat the unwanted skin dimpling so you can at least feel more comfortable and confident in your own skin. The first step is regular exercise, which also provides a wealth of other benefits. Since cellulite is caused by weak connective fibers under the skin, stretching and burning away excess fat through exercise can at least minimize any future cellulite potential. At the very least, firm and toned skin won’t display cellulite as obviously.

Injectable dermal fillers, like Tampa Radiesse and Restylane, can also help to temporarily fill in deep cellulite divots by plumping the skin with newfound volume. While effective at first, dermal fillers do need to be reinjected every so often to maintain their effect. The good news is that many non-invasive procedures can legitimately reduce the appearance of cellulite, including lasers and radiofrequency techniques.

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